How do I log a session?

On a laptop or desktop computer:

After completing any session, click Log Session right below the video box. This will mark the session complete across all devices. You'll also earn 1 XP for every minute practiced 🎉

On the mobile apps:

The mobile apps will log your sessions automatically. However, should you run into any problems, you can always click the Log Session button below the video box to manually log your workout.

Can I log a session more than once?

Yes! Every time you complete a class, you can (and should) log it. The mobile app does this automatically. 

Does that mean I can cheat?

Of course we can't check if you really did the workout or spent 30 minutes sleeping on your yoga mat. But you'd never do that, right? 😘

What if I the Log Session button doesn't work?

That probably means that you're current session has already been logged. Woohoo 🎊

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