Where can I see my progress?

Science has shown that making your progress tangible by showing it visually can have a massive impact on the likelihood of achieving your goals. That's why DOYOUYOGA is all about keeping you motivated and helping you develop a regular habit.

Here's how it works:

  • You earn XP - For every minute of workout that you log, you earn 1 XP point. It works like an immediate reward for your latest session. All your logged sessions and earned XP is shown on your profile screen.
  • Your progress bar grows - As you complete classes within your program, your progress bar advances and triggers a subconscious urge to complete the program. You earn extra XP when you complete a program. You can see your program progress on your Practice screen.
  • You earn badges - There's loads of special missions to be completed and badges to be earned. You'll earn your first badge by starting your first program, but that's just the beginning. Check out more badges on your profile screen.

So what do you say? Let's make some progress 🙃

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