MyYogaPro Questions & Answers

I purchased MyYogaPro videos years ago. How can I access them?

DOYOUYOGA is happy to announce that MyYogaPro members are now able to watch all of their MyYogaPro videos on DOYOUYOGA as well. MyYogaPro does remain available as a stand-alone service. Here's what you need to know:

You do not have to switch to DOYOUYOGA

You don’t have to join DOYOUYOGA. MyYogaPro will stay online, it won’t shut down. The integration of the MyYogaPro videos in DOYOUYOGA is merely an added service.

DOYOUYOGA is not MyYogaPro

MyYogaPro is a separate service. MyYogaPro members are able to watch MyYogaPro videos for free on DoYouYoga as a courtesy.

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